Program Design & Development is something we really enjoy...and it shows! The Executive Team at Greenbrain has collectively been designing Conservation Programs for over 10 years, and our passion for the industry and technology makes us really good at it.  

We understand the development process from start to finish, and have used our knowledge and creativity to ensure each program we design is successful and impactful.  Our core competency is that not only do we design unique initiatives, we offer a turnkey solution for delivering and promoting the program.  

In short, our goal is to create programs and campaigns that make a difference to our clients, their customers and the environment.

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The My Energy Kit program was designed on behalf of Canadian Niagara Power Inc., Algoma Power Inc. and Eastern Ontario Power.  The objective of this program was to offer Residential Customers with the opportunity to build their own custom Energy-Saving Kit online, comprised of up to $500 in FREE energy-saving measures.

The program was so successful, Algoma Power reached it's target in 6 days, with Canadian Niagara Power and Eastern Ontario Power reaching theirs in 28 days.  Installation rates were also higher than expected, resulting in a total Energy Savings of 500,000 kWh in under one month.