Greenbrain Inc. works closely with many electric utilities to promote energy conservation programs and in-store rebates, including the Save On Energy DEAL DAYS.  


Our highly trained staff works closely with Store Management to arrange promotions, and assist shoppers in the purchase of eligible energy-saving measures.

How can Greenbrain help my utility to promote Energy Conservation?

Greenbrain can work with your Utility to build a relationship with Store Management and encourage an increased uptake in sales, while co-promoting other conservation programs and incentives available in your territory.  Our staff are trained in how to engage and educate customers, with a passion for Conservation.

In addition to coordinating and staffing in-store retail promotions, the Greenbrain team can work with LDCs to create and execute marketing campaigns in support of the events and the programs being promoted.

Greenbrain has also worked on COUPON campaigns outside of the Save On Energy program for Natural Gas utilities in Ontario, including complete program design, coordination and management, as well as the marketing.

Where do I learn more about EVENTS in my area?


To learn more about the Save On Energy DEAL DAYS program, visit the website in the link below:


Alternatively, visit your local Hydro provider's website for specific event dates and obtain a list of participating retailers.

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