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Lighting Retrofits as easy as LED

LED Lighting Retrofit

The benefits of LED lighting are evident: energy saving, long lasting and less maintenance. In light of these awesome features (pardon the pun), not many businesses realize how much they can truly save and improve their bottom line with a simple lighting retrofit.

That's where Greenbrain comes in. We work with electric utilities to promote the benefits of LED lighting and find potential businesses to take part in the Save On Energy Retrofit program. And this is exactly how we came to work with Williams Fresh Cafe in Kitchener, ON.

Williams' retrofit consisted of replacing over 70 MR16 50W Halogen bulbs with LED MR16 8W bulbs, and replacing over 56 T8 Fluorescent Tubes with 44 LED T8 bulbs. We were able to use fewer bulbs and produce a better, brighter light output, all while using less energy.

The Retrofit was partially funded by the Save On Energy RETROFIT program, offered by their local hydro provider - Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc.

Summary of Energy Savings:

Cost of Retrofit - $599.10 ($1198.20, less 50% Save On Energy incentive)

Annual Energy Savings - $3252.00

Payback Time - 2.2 Months

Testimonial from Williams Fresh Cafe:

"The Greenbrain team was invaluable in helping us reduce our energy costs. Our lighting retrofit was a quick and painless process, with a payback period of just over 2 months and energy savings of approximately $3250 per year! Their team took care of everything for us, including having an auditor visit our facility to identify potential upgrade opportunities, showing us how to minimize our costs and helping us receive the maximum utility incentive we qualified for as quickly as possible.

I’d be happy to recommend the Greenbrain team to anyone looking to retrofit their facility over to LED lighting."

Dave Ballard

Owner, Williams Fresh Café

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